Global Tokenization Services

Tokenized Financial Instrument identifiers enable essential trade functions to run smoothly, enabling equity custodians and financial custodians to easily communicate, manage and examine the details of a transaction for accurate and efficient clearance and settlement on the Bitcoin Blockchain Rail. The World Open Market Global Tokenization Services is managed on behalf of the World Credit Bankers Association (WCBA) by the Bitcoin Community and its Counterparty Foundation, with a Board of Trustees that represents the voices of leading financial institutions and smart regulations.

In 2017, the Central Counterparty Clearing House Association established the World Credit Bankers Association to develop a way to improve operating efficiencies across the new tokenization industry by developing a standard method of identifying tokenized securities. The Central Counterparty Trust was created to work on this issue.

This resulted in the establishment of the XCPC system and, in 2017, the Open Market Service was formed to administer the system. Over the years, the organization’s core competencies in securities identification and data management, as well as its strong relationships with the smart contract industry stakeholders positioned it as a catalyst for innovation. Blockchain expanded to include new financial instruments and geographies, XCP emerged as the overarching entity for all XCPC offerings.

General NEGOTIABLE Instrument Types


Depository Receipts

Common Shares

Exchanged-Traded Funds


Limited Partnerships

Listed Options: Global

Single-Stock Options

Mutual Funds

Preferred Shares

Real Estate Investment Trusts


Unit Investment Trusts



Asset-Backed Securities

Bankers Acceptances

Certificates of Deposit

Collateralized Debt Obligations

Commercial Paper

Corporate Bonds

Medium-Term Notes

Mortgage-Backed Securities

Municipal Bonds

Structured Products

Promissory Note Loans

Government Agencies

Treasuries: Bonds, Bills, Notes

Capital Securities

Credit Derivatives


Equity-Linked Notes

Hedge Funds

Restricted Issuance:

Private Securities

Trust Preferred (Hybrids)

Variable Annuities

Insurance-Related Vehicles

Secured NFT’s

  • Asset Managers Classify financial instruments for accurate portfolio management and fund administration.

  • Trade Commissioners & Investment Credit Bankers Optimize efficiencies and reduce failed trades.

  • Commercial Credit Bankers Maintain a universal reference for market pricing with tokenized identifiers for syndicated loans.

  • Corporations Issue new tokenized securities and track them throughout their life cycle.

  • Custodians Streamline trade settlement and asset servicing.

  • Insurance Companies Identify investments in annual statements with direct offering private placement numbers (PPNs).

  • Smart Regulatory & Government Agencies Monitor cross-market and institution-specific activity.

  • Third-Party Providers tokenized assets can be accessed directly from the Counterparty Block explorer .


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DebtB0.9 Per Token + Issue Price
Equity B 0.9 Per Token + Issue Price
Annuity B 0.9 Per Token + Issue Price
Commercial Instruments B 0.9 Per Token + Issue Price
Certificates of DepositB 0.9 Per Token + Issue Price


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DebtB 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price
Equity B 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price
Commercial InstrumentsB 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price


Private Placement Offerings

DebtB 0.01 Per Token + Issue Price
Equity B 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price
Loans B 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price
Derivatives B 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price
FundsB 0.09 Per Token + Issue Price

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