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Welcome to the World Index hosted by CounterClear. The Central counterparty clearing (CCP), for Bitcoin Smart Contracts and also referred to as a central counterparty or the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index (N.O.M.N.I.), by the Etherbank Trust group (Intercreditbank) through CounterClear on its Open CounterMarket Exchange (XCPC) which is a financial institution and The World Open Market Intercreditbank that takes on global counterparty credit risk between all global counterparties and tokenized XCP (Smart Contract Obligations) for all transactions worldwide and provides clearing and settlement services for trades in all global exchanges, securities, options, indexes, and derivative smart contracts. The World Open Market Exchange is a Global Community Exchange exempt from Global Securities registrations and is a Self-Regulated Global Community Exchange and Authority. 




Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index

M1 = XCP / XCPC Index – World Open Market Exchange

M2 = NMNI Index – Global Credit Facility

M3 = WOME Index – World Treasury Window

M4 = Bond Index – Bond Open Market Exchange

M5 = Home Index – Housing Open Market Exchange

M6 = Bank Index – Central Counterparty Trust

M7 = Hemp Index – Hemp Open Market Exchange

M8 = Utility Index – Utility Open Market Exchange

M9 = Metal Index – Gold Open Market Exchange

CES XXXX Open Market Exchange – Community Mutual Credit Unions
CES XXXX Open Market Clearing House – Community Mutual Credit Banks

Global Participants 

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How to Trade
The CounterMarket is a OTC decentralized exchange that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to trade tokenized assets on the Bitcoin blockchain and mutual credit community exchanges. The World Index is a blockchain explorer dedicated to publishing data about how these assets trade, but the site itself is not an exchange. Confused? Join us on Telegram and ask a question. Register for a tokenized listing on the World Index.

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CounterClear Open CounterMarket Exchange  (XCPC)
1. 21 Nov 2018
World Treasury Bonds
World Treasury Bonds Noocratic Funds Rate 1 / $10,000 / XCP / BTC Total Supply: 170,688,569,631.33239746 Asset Verification World Treasury Credit Report Order Book World Treasury Order
NEO1 / $10,000 / XCP / BTC per share
2. 21 Nov 2018
Synergy Technology Group Shares
Synergy Technology Group Shares Rate $1 USD / XCP Total Shares: 10,000,000 Asset Verification Asset Evaluation Order Book Buy Stock Order
NEO1 / $1 USD / XCP per share
Karankawa (Houston)
3. 21 Nov 2018
Growing Pharms Shares
Growing Pharms Shares Rate $28 USD / XCP Total Shares: 250,000,000 Asset Verification Asset Evaluation Order Book Stock Buy Order
NEO1 / $28 USD / XCP per share
Karankawa (Houston)
4. 21 Nov 2018
World Trust
Global Trust Units Rate $2 / BTC / XCP Total Shares: 63,000,000,000 Asset Verification Asset Evaluation Order Book Private Equity Order
NEO100 / $2 BTC / XCP per share
5. 21 Nov 2018
World Treasury Bonds
World Treasury Bonds Nibiru Pool Bank and ECFX Market Rate $100 / SVC / XCP / BTC Total Supply: 1,210,955,814 Asset Verification Nibiru Reserve Credit Report Order Book World Treasury Order
Nomnis only
NEO1 / $1 SVC / XCP per share
6. 21 Nov 2018
NDCB Shares
Nibiru Reserve Development Cryptobank Shares Rate $100 / Nomni Total Shares: 100 Asset Verification Asset Evaluation Stock Buy Order
NEO1 / $1000 USD per share

Blockchain Technology and CCPs
Blockchain technology, which is described as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record financial transactions, arguably represents a new frontier for CCPs. In 2015, clearinghouses from all nations joined forces, to create the Global Exchange System, and the International Group of 27 which studies how alternative currencies and now along with blockchain technology & how they can affect the way in which we end world poverty, security trades are transparent, cleared, settled and securely recorded and protected.


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The Etherbank Trust group (Intercreditbank) believes new technology can reduce risk and margin requirements and facilitate greater regulatory oversight—before and after trading. And because this group’s members represent various parts of the securities settlement process, they comprehensively understand how the blockchain technology can aid the settlement, clearing and reporting processes. 


Exchange rates 

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